Our Grant Recipients

Maine Cancer Foundation is proud to be serving the people of Maine in the fight against cancer.

Several times a year we issue a "Request for Proposals" or RFP in one or more service areas that support cancer screening, prevention, research or patient services. Volunteer review committees, drawn from experts in each discipline, review and score the proposals we receive. Finally, our Board of Directors approves the funding and the grants are issued.

We periodically review and communicate with our grant recipients to better understand what the people of Maine need, and how to improve our fight against cancer.

Cancer Type:

All Cervical Leukemia Molecular Skin
Bone Cellular Lung Other Testicular
Brain Colon Lymphedema Ovarian Thyroid
Breast Colorectal Lymphoma Pancreatic Prostate

Service Area:

Beacon Fund Hospice Research Survivorship
Clinical Trial Navigator Scholarship Professional Training
Donor Match Nutrition Screening Transportation
Education Prevention Support Treatment


All Grants:

Year Project Title Categorysort descending Amount
2012 Strength in Numbers Beacon Fund $1,000

2012 Gas Cards for Emergency Aid Beacon Fund $1,000

2012 Clinical Trials Program Education and Enhancement Clinical Trial $4,000

2012 Oncology Clinical Research Center Clinical Trial $20,000

2012 Maine Patient Assistance Program Donor Match $5,000

2013 Middle School Cancer Awareness & Prevention Education $7,040

2001 Radiation Therapy Education Education $1,665
2011 Radiation Therapy Education Education $3,800

2008 Immigrant Population Education $400
2002 Occupational Therapy Education Education $5,000
2012 Online CME Course Education $27,600

2008 Education Grant Education $1,200
2006 Testicular cancer education Education $1,800
2003 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Education $5,000

2010 Move More exercise Education $5,000

2006 Education Grant Education $5,000
2003 Professional Education for Radiation Therapy Students Education $1,665

2008 Sexuality After Breast Cancer Conference Education $500
2010 "There is Hope Here In Washington County" Conference Education $3,500

2003 Education Grant Education $4,600

2003 Cancer Patient Support Program Education $20,000

1979 Pediatric Cancer Seminar Education

2008 Prostate Cancer Education $5,000

1979 Living With Cancer - Accent on Hope Education

2004 Radiation Therapy Education Education $1,700
1979 Seminar: Tumor Kinetics Education

2007 Nutrition Education $9,985
2007 Radiation Therapy Education Education $3,100

2004 Education Grant Education $15,000
1998 UMaine Law School Seminar "Genetic Information: Who owns it and who should have access to it?" Education

2012 "There is Hope Here In Washington County" Conference Education $5,000

2004 Education Grant Education $10,000
1989 USM Senior College Course "Molecular Genetics - the New Biology" Education

2011 "There is Hope Here In Washington County" Conference Education $5,000

2010 Emotional Support for Men with Terminal Prostate Cancer Education $10,000

2013 Healthy Aroostook: Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Program Education $26,762

2008 Cancer Education in Franklin County Education $10,000

2011 Communicating Risk Education $9,413

2015 Reducing Cancer Rates in Maine through Tobacco Education and Policy Development Education $50,000

2010 Skin Cancer Educational Campaign Education $8,000

2009 "There is Hope Here In Washington County" Conference Education $7,500

2007 Colon MINI Education $2,500
2007 Colon Education $1,700
2005 Education Grant Education $5,000
2015 Tobacco Treatment, Prevention, and Control in Androscoggin County Education $40,000