Our Grant Recipients

Maine Cancer Foundation is proud to be serving the people of Maine in the fight against cancer.

Several times a year we issue a "Request for Proposals" or RFP in one or more service areas that support cancer screening, prevention, research or patient services. Volunteer review committees, drawn from experts in each discipline, review and score the proposals we receive. Finally, our Board of Directors approves the funding and the grants are issued.

We periodically review and communicate with our grant recipients to better understand what the people of Maine need, and how to improve our fight against cancer.

Cancer Type:

All Cervical Leukemia Molecular Skin
Bone Cellular Lung Other Testicular
Brain Colon Lymphedema Ovarian Thyroid
Breast Colorectal Lymphoma Pancreatic Prostate

Service Area:

Beacon Fund Hospice Research Survivorship
Clinical Trial Navigator Scholarship Professional Training
Donor Match Nutrition Screening Transportation
Education Prevention Support Treatment


All Grants:

Year Project Title Category Amount
2008 Palliative Care Training $4,000

2008 Immigrant Population Education $400
2008 Sexuality After Breast Cancer Conference Education $500
2008 Prostate Cancer Education $5,000

2008 "No Polyp, No Cancer" Program Funding Education $10,000

2007 retreat Support $1,500
2007 Retreat for Women With Cancer Support $500

2007 Breast Cancer Support Program Treatment $5,120

2007 Toolkit for Colorectal Cancer Education $4,800
2007 Twist dimers as markers of tumor metastasis Research $73,000

2007 Cancer Support Groups Support $4,200

2007 Radiation Therapy Education Education $3,100

2007 Sprouty 4: a possible repressor of Id protein function in breast cancer Research $72,000

2007 Colon Education $1,700
2007 Array-based Comparative Genomic Hybridization of Circulation Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer Patients Before & During Treatment Research $80,000
2007 Nutritional Counseling For Cancer Patients Nutrition $3,000

2007 Nutrition Education $9,985
2007 Support Service Fund for Breast Cancer Assistance Support $9,000

2007 Colon MINI Education $2,500
2007 Prostate Education $6,000
2007 Family Sponsorship Program Support $1,500

2007 Life Beyond Chemotherapy Survivorship $4,000

2007 Breast Cancer Diaries Support $10,000
2007 RECQL4 Protein-Protein Interactions in Human Osteosarcoma Cell Lines Research $71,000
2007 Colon cancer MINI Education $2,500
2007 Skin Cancer Education in Aroostook County Prevention $3,000

2006 Chromatin Reorganization in Pro-B Cell Lymphoma Nuclei Research $74,180

2006 Education Grant Education $5,000
2006 Support Grant Support $2,200
2006 Cancer Risk and Prevention Education $1,862
2006 Reduction of breast cancer by the Notch signaling pathway Research $35,000

2006 Molecular Predictors of Iressa Response in Lung Cancer Patients Research $68,241
2006 Testicular cancer education Education $1,800
2006 Support Grant Support $3,000
2006 Support Grant Support $20,000
2006 The Role of Src Kinases in Regulation of Stem Cell Survival in CML Research $75,000

2006 Skin Prevention $218
2006 Nutrition Grant Support $5,000
2006 Radiation Therapy educ. Education $3,100
2006 Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of Vitamin D3 an its Membrane Receptor on Neoplastic Cells Research $76,206

2006 Family Sponsorship Program Support $1,500

2006 Nutrition Education $14,000
2006 Lecture Education $3,030
2005 A Gene Expression Study for the Hormone Independent Growth Transition of Ovarian Cancer Cells in vivo Research $20,000

2005 Young Survivors Support $4,000