Grant Recipients: Brain Cancers

Year Issuedsort ascending Title Grant Amount Given Types of Cancer Organization
2014 A Slice of Life: The Search for Variation in Brain Tumors $50,000 Brain The Jackson Laboratory

2013 Anticancer Drug Delivery to Brain Using Cell Derived Exosome Nanovesicles $49,450 Brain Husson University

2013 Assessing Therapeutic Potential of a New Drug ICG-001 in Glioblastoma $50,000 Brain, Molecular The Jackson Laboratory

2013 Development of Optimized Ex Vivo Organotypic Slice Culture Systems $164,686 Brain, Breast, Colon, Other, Pancreatic The Jackson Laboratory

2010 Notch Signaling in Medulloblastoma Initiation and Cancer Stem Cell Maintenance $90,000 Brain, Molecular The Jackson Laboratory

2009 Validating S100A6 as a Novel Marker and Potential Therapeutic Target of Brain Cancer Stem Cells $80,000 Brain The Jackson Laboratory