Grant Recipients: Lung Cancers

Lung cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. If left untreated, this growth can spread beyond the lung in a process called metastasis into nearby tissue or other parts of the body. Most cancers that start in lung, known as primary lung cancers, are carcinomas that derive from epithelial cells. The main types of lung cancer are small-cell lung carcinoma (SCLC), also called oat cell cancer, and non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC).

Year Issuedsort ascending Title Grant Amount Given Types of Cancer Organization
2017 Reaching More Moms, their Friends and Family $25,000 Lung Healthy Communities of the Capital Area

2017 Reducing Tobacco Use in Downeast Maine $75,477 Lung Healthy Acadia

2017 Lung Screening Navigator Enhanced with Tracking and Reporting Software System $164,000 Lung Central Maine Medical Center

2017 Wetamawe (Tobacco) $100,000 Lung Public Health Research Institute

2017 MPHA Tobacco Coalition for Cancer Prevention $10,000 Lung Maine Public Health Association

2017 Maine Tobacco Coalition for Cancer Prevention $99,264 Lung Maine Public Health Association

2016 Peer-Led Tobacco Cessation Training at Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse $26,116 Lung Penobscot Community Health Care

2016 Tobacco Prevention, Education, and Cessation Support for Adults in Androscoggin County $52,419 Lung Healthy Androscoggin

2016 Cancer Prevention: Building Capacity in Primary Care to Address Tobacco Dependence $50,000 Lung MaineHealth, Center for Tobacco Independence

2016 The Maine Lung Cancer Prevention and Screening (Maine LungCAPS) Initiative $400,000 Lung Maine Medical Center

2015 Midcoast Youth Tobacco Intervention $16,099 All, Lung Access Health

2015 Integrating Personalized Risk Information in Low-Dose CT (LDCT) Screening for Lung Cancer $100,000 Lung Maine Medical Center Research Institute

2015 Early Detection of Lung Cancer $15,000 Lung Free ME from Lung Cancer

2015 Reducing Cancer Rates in Maine through Tobacco Education and Policy Development $50,000 Lung Maine Public Health Association

2015 Tobacco Treatment, Prevention, and Control in Androscoggin County $40,000 Lung The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing

2015 LGBTQ Tobacco Equity Project $57,669 All, Lung Down East Aids Network

2015 Conquering Cancer in Franklin County $6,500 All, Colorectal, Lung Healthy Community Coalition of Franklin County

2015 Patient Navigation Approach to Tobacco Prevention, Assessment & Intervention $30,000 Lung Maine Primary Care Association

2015 Tobacco Cessation Boot Camp $36,190 Lung Aroostook County Community Action Program

2015 Tobacco Free Franklin $199,976 Lung Healthy Community Coalition of Franklin County

2015 Lung Cancer Screening Program $20,000 Lung St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

2015 Addressing Disparities in Tobacco Use and Exposure through Policy and Environmental Change $74,101 All, Lung Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine

2015 Extending Lung Cancer Screening to Primary Care $49,899 Lung Maine Medical Center

2015 Reducing Tobacco-Related Cancer Prevalence through College and University Policy Change $39,140 Lung Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine

2014 Are Micro RNAs the Key to Stopping Lung Cancer? $50,000 Lung The Jackson Laboratory

2013 Lung Cancer Screening Shared Decision-Making $25,536 Lung Maine Medical Center

2013 Inhibition Of Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 In Lung Cancer Cells By Selective Sirna Nanoparticles $48,300 Lung Husson University

2013 Community Needs Assessment for Lung Cancer $3,113 Lung Southern Maine Medical Center

2012 New Models for Lung Cancer Research $199,036 Lung The Jackson Laboratory

2011 Targeted SiRNA Inhibition of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors in Lung Cancer Cells $69,000 Lung Husson University

2010 MicroRNA Expression during Lung Tumor Progression $90,000 Lung The Jackson Laboratory

2008 Cancer Education in Franklin County $10,000 Colorectal, Lung, Prostate, Melanoma Healthy Community Coalition of Franklin County

2008 Development Genomics of Lung Cancer $79,524 Lung The Jackson Laboratory

2006 Molecular Predictors of Iressa Response in Lung Cancer Patients $68,241 Lung Maine Center for Cancer Medicine
2004 Mechanisms of Arsenic Induced Human Lung and Bladder Cancer $45,745 Bladder, Lung University of Maine