Move More exercise


MCF is contributing $5,000 to pilot and evaluate the introduction of “Move More” Physical Activity program for cancer patients. The aim is to increase physical activity after a diagnosis of cancer as appropriate based on research indicating its benefits.

Research indicates that physical activity after a breast cancer diagnosis, for instance, may be beneficial in improving quality of life, reducing fatigue and assisting with health weight maintenance. One study found that women who exercised moderately had improved survival rates compared with more sedentary women.

The project goals are to create a supportive environment to encourage physical activity, and to reduce the barriers cancer survivors face when trying to be physically active. MaineGeneral serves residents ofKennebec and Somerset counties.

MaineGeneral Health
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1 Year Pilot Grant

Maine Cancer Foundation Grants to this Organization:

Year Program Amount Category Organization
2017 80% Colon Cancer Screening Project $99,627 Screening MaineGeneral Health
2017 Reducing Barriers to Cancer Care for Low Income, Rural Residents of Kennebec and Somerset County $161,562 Navigator MaineGeneral Health
2016 Expansion of the Role of Community Health Workers to Increase Colon Cancer Screening Rates $29,937 Screening MaineGeneral Health
2012 Cancer Screening Navigator Program $25,000 Screening MaineGeneral Health
2010 Move More exercise $5,000 Education MaineGeneral Health
2008 "No Polyp, No Cancer" Program Funding $10,000 Education MaineGeneral Health