The 2016 Athlete Guide is Now Available

Download the 2016 Athlete Guide

Table of Contents:

I. Calendar of Events

II. Bike Inspection Reminder & New Relay Chip Exchange Process

A. Bike Pre-Check Option
B. Relay Transition Change

III. Expo Day & Pre-Race Packet Pick-Up (Mandatory)

A. Expo Day Activities
B. Athlete Packet Pick-Up

IV. Athlete Information–Race Day

A. Parking
B. Race Preparation

V. Triathlon Course Details

A. Swim
B. Bike
C. Run

VI. Transition Information

A. Main
B. Mini

VII. Relay Team Rules and Details

VIII. Post Race Information

IX. Additional Athlete Information

A. Race Day Schedule
B. Official USAT Rules
C. Inclement Weather
D. Medical Staff/First Aid
E. Safety Information
F. Emergency Evacuation Plan
G. Restrooms
H. Lost & Found
I. Photography
J. Trash & Recycling
K. Evaluations
X. Spectator Information
A. Parking
B. Viewing Areas

XI. Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016