It's National Public Health Week!

Did you know two of Maine Cancer Foundation's staff members are professionals in the public health field? Heather Drake and Aysha Sheikh both have their Masters in Public Health (MPH).

To celebrate National Public Health Week (April 3-April 7), we caught up with Heather to learn more about her profession, why this week is important, and tips towards a healthier lifestyle! 

What's National Public Health Week all about? 

I think it's an opportunity to promote not only health and wellbeing in communities, but also a way to highlight the public health profession. 

In a nutshell - what does it mean to be a public health professional? 

As a whole, the profession creates systems and environments that help people thrive in their lives. 

What have you been doing to celebrate National Public Health Week? 

Professionally - I attended the Maine Quality Counts Annual Conference yesterday!

Personally -  I am continuing my usual exercise routine of running, and I'm spending a lot of time this week relaxing with friends for my mental and social wellbeing. 

If you could offer one tip for folks who want to get healthier, what would it be? 

I have two! The first is to think about ways to incorporate movement throughout the day. Maybe you get up and take a quick walk at lunch, or take breaks with some short stretching. It's always best to start small. 

The second is to try something new and step out of your comfort zone, whether it's a new fruit or vegetable you've never tried, or an exercise routine that's always appealed to you. Use this week as a launching pad for those new healthy habits!

Learn more about National Public Health Week 

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Thursday, April 6, 2017