Why She Tries

When Cancer hits..it hits hard. It hits home.

Who knows anyone who hasn't been affected by it? My relationship to Cancer began when I was a toddler. My mom was given 6 months to live. Ovarian Cancer. She took one day at a time. She lived until the day I graduated from High School. She was a fighter, a volunteer, a beautiful model, a devoted mom. 

Subsequently I lost my High School boyfriend to Lymphoma, a few years after my mom..and then my best friend Jane to Lung Cancer a few years ago. In between, too many more friends to list have been taken from me. Most of you know my story. 

Two years ago, suffering some personal heartbreak and professional challenges,  I was overweight and out of shape. On a total lark I signed up for the Tri for a Cure...couldn't even spell the word triathlon.  But I plowed ahead, (nearly finishing  last) and  was one of the top three fundraisers!! (over $16,000) so I was actually a winner!  I won a road bike for my efforts.  

Tossing the old mountain bike aside, I hired a coach, went to Triathlon Research camp, then on to open water swim school where I learned how to (really) swim. I became fearless. Last year I Tried again. I raised $20,000!!  and was THE TOP FUNDRAISER, and finished in 9th place in my age group. I BECAME a Triathlete! It was part of who I grew into, as a result of some adversity. It defined a big part of me. Others were inspired by my journey and they have become fundraisers, empowered athletes and stronger women.

Simply Home is a proud sponsor of the Tri for a Cure.

In early April this year, I suffered a serious knee injury from a fall in my kitchen. I've worked hard to get back my former fitness level, and am by no means there yet..but improving daily. When I got word this week that two more friends have gotten Cancer, I couldn't sit still another minute. I reinstated my entry into the 2016 Tri For A Cure. I am gonna do this!  My lofty goal of $20,000 is totally attainable this week..with your help I WILL CONTINUE to FIGHT CANCER!  SIMPLY HOME is a corporate sponsor again this year; as a matter of fact, our contribution last week made the bridge to over 1 MILLION DOLLARS raised so far. All of the corporate sponsorships pay for the race to go on, which means EVERY DOLLAR YOU CONTRIBUTE goes 100% into Cancer research and towards helping families living with the disease right now. Please dig deep, do what you can. I will be honored by any contribution at all and will make you proud. CANCER TRIES BUT I TRI HARDER. hugs + kisses, Thank You.

Faithfully yours,


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Thursday, July 14, 2016