Transition Guide

"Transition" describes the area between the legs of the triathlon used to switch from the swim to the bike and the bike to the run. (For a more detailed explanation of the transition rules for individuals and teams, please download and read the 2017 Tri for a Cure Athlete Guide)

At the Tri for a Cure, we have two transition areas the "mini-transition" and main transition.

The mini-transition area is used for swimmers remove wetsuits and put on running shoes (see below). Mini-transition is off limits to spectators. Place your shoes in the mini-transition area that matches your bib number. Minim transition is restricted to shoes and towels only. Closed toe shoes are required. No crocs or flip-flops.

After exiting the water, triathletes can be assisted by volunteer wetsuit strippers, or remove their own wetsuit before entering mini-transition.  

After putting on shoes, gather your belongings and walk or jog to the main transition area for your bike. If you are a split team, the swimmer must transport the timing chip to the bike rack where your team member is waiting.

The main transition area where the bikes are racked. Bikers on a team must wait at the bike rack to receive the timing chip. Please be courteous and make room for the other athletes entering and leaving. Please note, there are specific gates marked for each part of the triathlon: