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Congratulations to everyone! It was a wet day, but many people told us they had their personal fastest time ever! 

Survivor Wave Top 5:

  1. Rebecca Goodwin
  2. Caryn Prudente
  3. Stephanie MacDonald
  4. Angela LeClerc
  5. Leah Day

Complete Timing Results

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This event is life changing, the camaraderie is unbelievable and the cause is so important.

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Hi everyone, this is a photo of my husband and his siblings: a wonderful family of 5 with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. This is one of the last photos taken of them all together. Four out of five have been diagnosed with cancer.

We lost Susan over 30 years ago, third from the bottom right, at the young age thirty-three from melanoma. She left behind a three year old son, a newborn daughter and loving husband.