Bike Inspection at the Tri for a Cure

Bike racking for the Tri for a Cure takes place on Expo Day, Saturday, July 22, from 10am-2pm. 

This is your chance to rack your bike and collect all your registration materials. All bikes must be inspected prior to racking, but you can jump the line by having your bike pre-inspected by an area bike shop. For participants near Portland Maine, we recommend Cyclemania.

Bring the completed form (stamped by an official bike shop) to registration, and jump to the Speedy Check-In Lane of the Main Transition Area on Expo day. 

Download the Bike Inspection Form

While we strongly encouraged you to have your bike inspected by a bike shop, but it is not required for participation. We will have bike inspection at the event, provided by Cyclemania. However, they are not equipped to do maintenance on your bike other than minor adjustments. If your bike is deemed to be unsafe, you will not be able to complete the racking process. Please have your bike ready to go when you arrive.

For your safety, and the safety of the other riders around you, it is imperative that your bike be in good working order. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015