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Starting Monday night on PBS: "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies" a documentary based on the award-winning book. We strongly recommend this series to anyone interesting in learning about the history- and future of cancer in our world. 

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Keva Crockett
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I have taken many different swimming lessons over the years, but I have never been a distance or competitive swimmer.  I've swum in lakes and pools over the years, but never swam much in the ocean. I am not even a fan of the deep end of the pool, but I’m going to have to get used to it. So needless to say, I want to get as much training in as I can.

I signed up for a swim clinic at St. Joseph’s College and yesterday was my first lesson.  I thought there would only be about six people there, but there were actually only four.  Since I had missed the first week I needed to be evaluated by the instructor.  My instructor, Alex, was very nice.  We ended up working one-on-one and I received some of the best swim training I have ever had.  He was very thorough and even allowed me to go at my own pace, which was slow.  Alex would have me practice either breathing, kicking, or strokes each direction in the pool.  With the pace that I worked at, I feel I learned so much and feel much more confident about completing my ¼ mile swim in July.

I am so excited to go back next week and see how much more I can learn.  I am also very excited to be learning all of these techniques so that I will also be able to help my children learn to swim.

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As you might know, many of the women in the Tri for a Cure form teams and split the race into three separate legs: swim, bike and run.

We have a short list of teams looking to add a swimmer!

If you're interested in joining an existing Tri for a Cure team as the designated swimmer, please send an email to:

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Falmouth, Maine. Maine Cancer Foundation has announced our 2015 call for cancer research proposals.

The Foundation will award up to $700,000 in grants and is seeking letters of interest from applicants with proposals in the following areas: Outcomes Research and Research Infrastructure. Learn more about past research grant recipients.

Outcomes Research:

Research projects that focus on advancing cancer prevention, early detection, and access to care.

Projects must:·