Year 13 of Tri for a Cure has been full of surprises. One of which was crossing the $1,000,000 fundraising mark earlier in August. We weren't sure if that would be possible this year but thanks to our participants, sponsors, and supporters, we're breaking all expectations we had for this challenging year!

So on August 13 we announced a new goal: $1.3 million for year 13! We know that's a big goal and we'll need everyone's help. We have until September 15! Here are thirteen new fundraising ideas! Might one (or more!) of these work for you?

1. Auction off 13 homemade items that you personally make (food, jewelry, knitting or sewing items – be creative!).

2. Send 13 personal letters to 13 friends, family or co-workers and tell them 13 good reasons why they should donate to your fundraising page (make it personal!).

3. Raffle off 13 items in your home that are no longer of use to you that someone else may love.

4. Offer to walk 13 different dogs on your walking route for the Tri for a Cure for a donation.

5. Ask 13 friends to save quarters from now until September 13 to donate to your fundraising page.

6. Choose 13 books that you have read that are hanging around your home to sell for a donation.

7. Sell cancer ribbons for $13 that someone can put a message on that you can display at your home or business.

8. Ask 13 friends to do a “Give it Up Challenge.” Give something up for 13 days and then donate money saved! (Example: Give up Starbucks drive through for 13 days – save $50 )

9. Breakfast in bed campaign: If someone donates $25 – deliver a bagel or pastry with coffee to their home at a certain time on a certain day.

10. Put together a virtual cookbook! Use your neighborhood, your family, your co-workers, etc. Each person who wants to put a special recipe in the book can give a donation and give a special recipe and dedicate it to someone who was impacted by cancer. Then distribute the virtual cookbook to all the donors and others if they want to donate to get the virtual cookbook.

11. Do an online cooking class or arts and craft class for adults or children and donate to get a link to participate.

12. Have too many flowers in your garden? Do a plant sale!

13. Get 13 people to donate by you doing something they never thought you would do and do it!

13 ideas to help us hit $1.3MM for year 13!