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Tri for a Cure Update

Last year when the pandemic first arrived in March, we thought for sure that we’d be back up and running in time for Tri for a Cure on July 19. As we all know, that turned out to be wishful thinking. And yet, with the help of our committed participants, sponsors, and donors, the event was a huge success, raising nearly $1.3 million despite being virtual. In the face of challenging circumstances, our community rose up and showed how important the mission of Maine Cancer Foundation is. We were able to continue our critical statewide funding and even added COVID-relief granting to support patients impacted by the pandemic.

In 2020 we focused on getting through an unprecedented and difficult year, looking forward to being back together in 2021. Unfortunately, we find ourselves facing continued uncertainty as we look towards the sunny summer days ahead. Many have asked us what July 18 will look like this year. Will the Tri be in person? Can we safely host the 3,000+ people who come to the event every year? Will we have to reduce the size of the event? Unfortunately, we still share many of the same questions.

As we continue listening to the experts forecasting the months ahead, what we do know is that 2021 will not be the classic July Tri for a Cure event day that we all know and love. An event known for excited (and maybe a bit nervous?) wetsuit-clad hugs at the starting line, throngs of spectators, and a dedicated army of volunteers lining the route. An event that is about helping the woman next to you on the run and sharing a laugh in the food tent after the event. A high five from an old friend, a celebratory hug from Julie. A full scale, in-person triathlon will not be possible. We hope that we can have an in-person component of some sort but do not yet know what the restrictions will permit in the months ahead.

The information we have now indicates that the vaccine could be available to the general population starting this summer. But when we can safely invite 1,200 women to gather on a college campus at one time remains uncertain. The Tri for a Cure and Maine Cancer Foundation team is working diligently to plot out exactly what the event will look like. We ask for your continued patience as we, like many of you, wait for more information. We want to emphasize that safety has to be our top priority. Our mission is to help some of the most vulnerable populations and many of our participants and volunteers have health concerns of their own.

We also ask that you trust us. We are excited to put together a Tri for a Cure event that is memorable for everyone. As we work through what we can do this summer, we hope you will join us and be on our team. Today, we are removing the $500 fundraising requirement (both for new participants and those already registered), so you can feel confident no matter what this summer brings. We hope that you will register today and join us in helping to fight cancer. We will keep you posted in the coming weeks and months as we have a clearer sense of what we can do—together or apart—in July.

Additional communication will be sent to our participants, including those who won a guaranteed entry for fundraising in 2020. If you have questions, please reach out to Julia Bachelder by emailing [email protected] .

With gratitude and hope,

The Tri for a Cure/Maine Cancer Foundation Team


Is this different from 2020?

Yes! This year we are hoping that we can do some in person event(s) along the way. We don't yet know what the summer holds for large group gatherings. We know that 3,000+ people together on a college campus is not realistic to plan for. But if we can add smaller events or some sort of celebration event we will! We will keep everyone informed along the way. None of these events will be mandatory and when you sign up you can designate that you are strictly virtual (not open to taking part of anything in-person).

Like last year, we encourage everyone to complete a swim, bike, and run (or a duathlon - see below) either individually or as a relay. You can choose your venue and location (lake, ocean, pool, etc). There is no fundraising requirement, but there will be different thresholds announced soon for incentive prizes, your medal, etc.

If you raised $500 or more in 2020 you automatically have a guaranteed entry for 2022, but we will hope you'll join us in 2021!

The pandemic continues to pose challenges for Tri for a Cure but as long as cancer is still affecting Mainers, we will persevere!

Options for Completing the Virtual Tri for a Cure
  • Option 1: Triathlon (Swim 1/3 mile, Bike 15 miles, Run 3.1 miles) – Individual or Relay. Please be sure to adhere to safety measures, including not swimming alone and making sure to tell a family member or friend of your run/bike plans and/or keeping a phone on you.
    • Swim can be in the pool, in the lake, in the ocean.  You name it.
    • Bike can be on the road, indoor cycling studio, on a bike trainer, or on a stationary bike.
    • Run can be on local roads, on a trail, on the treadmill. Of course, it can be walked, jogged, slogged, crawled, or run to complete. 
  • Option 2: Duathlon (Run 1 mile, Bike 15 miles, Run 3.1 miles) - Individual or Relay
    • We understand that pool training options have been reduced/eliminated lately. Here is an alternative to doing your swim: try a duathlon!
  • Option 3: Get creative with any combination of the run, bike or swim elements! – Individual or Relay
    • This is the year to truly do YOUR race! If you’d like to take a year off from swimming, biking, and/or running, but still support Maine Cancer Foundation, that’s ok! Create your own combination or singularly-focused version of the event.
  • Complete your Tri for a Cure between July 1 and July 18. You can choose any day (or days) in this window to complete your event.
  • You set your schedule. Do the swim one day. Do the bike a week later. Do the run in another week! Or do them all in one day. Do your race at your own time, your own location, your own day. If it rains, wait another day for the perfect day that fits you. No need for an early alarm!
  • Practice Social Distancing. Please adhere to CDC guidelines regarding proximity to others. Do not gather as a group and please do NOT use SMCC or the traditional course as your route. Plan to complete the legs in your own neighborhood and always follow best safety practices.

One of the best parts of Tri for a Cure is the community of women that come together in the months leading up to the event and on race day. Many of you have already joined the Tri for a Cure 2021 Facebook group. If you have not, please do so. This will be a place to share ideas, encouragement, photos, and more.

USAT Waiver

The USAT waiver will be sent electronically, but if you prefer to print it off and send it in you are welcome to do that. You will not be considered an official participant unless we have received your signed waiver prior to completing the event.

Coming Soon!

(be sure that the full page prints - select "fit to page" so it doesn't get cut off)

Please mail waiver to:

Maine Cancer Foundation

170 US Route 1, Suite 250

Falmouth, ME 04105

DIY Medals

If you raise $250 or more you will get your official race medal in September. But here's a fun way to make your own to have in August when you finish your Tri!

Watch the video

Medal template

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